Green Chef Is A Game-Changer For Back-To-School Season

Dinner is not my favorite meal at home, but I want it to be.

When you've got a partner and two kids in their picky-eating phase, dinner is no easy task.

I've tried it all, including cooking nutritious meals for my partner and me and preparing the kids a separate dish. Sure, I make them healthy meals too, but they're simple with no spices or sauces. The chicken, rice, and veggies combo is boring (for them to eat and for me to cook).

Now that back-to-school is gearing up, I've really got to figure out how our family will make dinner. Another mom recommended I try Green Chef, but I thought meal kit services weren't very kid-friendly. She said that her kids actually love the meals. They're healthy, and it saves her time - I was sold on at least giving it a try.

I chose the Balanced Living plan for four people, with three meals for the week at only $10.99 a serving. Buying the ingredients at the grocery store would've cost me a fortune for this many meals, so I was already impressed.

Here's how our first week with Green Chef went:

1. Beef Patties With Creamy Garlic Dijon Sauce

This meal kicked off our Green Chef experience just right. When the kids see beef patties, they automatically think "burgers!" so they were totally up to trying it. Thanks to the creamy sauce, it was not only delicious but healthy, which was my main concern. This recipe is keto and gluten-free, plus Green Chef provides all the nutrition values online, so I always know what I'm feeding my family.

My favorite part is how innovative their recipes are. Instead of just using plain old rice, this dish has a side of truffle cheddar cauliflower "rice." I'd never have come up with this on my own, let alone have the energy to gather the ingredients. Green Chef delivers whatever I need to our door, and everything is pre-measured, so there's no food waste or leftover ingredients.

In just 25 minutes, I was able to make a new, tasty dish that my whole family could enjoy - unheard of before!!

2. Creamy Tomato Cavatappi

The Balanced Living menu also has vegetarian options which is great for when I'm trying to serve a meatless meal. The kids normally use the meatless night to demand mac n' cheese. Unfortunately, I've given in every time. But when I gave them the Creamy Tomato Cavatappi; I was shocked that the kids loved it!

The fun, springy pasta shape totally livened up dinner, and I was even able to sneak some veggies past the little ones thanks to the green peas being drenched in the creamy tomato sauce. Green Chef even introduced us to Parmesan-crusted cauliflower, which is now a favorite in our house.

Not only are the recipes top-notch, but the ingredients are high-quality. Green Chef is a USDA certified organic company that works with farmers to source sustainable ingredients so I trust their produce. This meal kit takes a ton of weight off my shoulders in so many ways.

3. Roasted Fennel-Cumin Shrimp

After two amazing recipes, I got a little adventurous and went for this mouthwatering shrimp dish. It was exciting to be in the kitchen and not make the typical chicken and veggies, plus I only order shrimp when we go out to eat.

My favorite part, though, is how much time Green Chef is saving me - this recipe takes only 20 minutes to make! The kids are interested in cooking now and often help me in the kitchen. It's so easy because the step-by-step recipe cards show them exactly what to do, and I love spending time with them while they gain cooking skills.

Finally, we're eating one meal as a family - there are no dinosaur-shaped foods in sight.

Final Thoughts:

I can't believe I ever did the crazy back-to-school period without Green Chef. Their meals are not only healthy and delicious, but they give me back so much time in the day. Instead of scrambling to the grocery store, I can watch my son's soccer game without missing a minute.

With a weekly welcome box of pre-measured ingredients delivered right to my door, my whole attitude towards this busy season has done a complete 180. If you thought your family could never embrace sun-dried tomatoes, cauliflower "rice" with bell pepper & olives, just wait until you get Green Chef.

I definitely recommend every family check out Green Chef. Not just for the kids - moms, you need this too!

The folks at Green Chef are extending a special offer to our readers: Follow this link to get $100 OFF across four boxes including FREE shipping on the first box!

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