Honeylove Sculptwear Is So Much Better Than Department Store Brands

Editor’s note: After feeling self-conscious for a while I decided to invest in some shapewear, but the brands I tried weren’t making a difference. When a friend recommended Honeylove, I tried their SuperPower Shorts. Read this to hear my honest opinion on Honeylove…

My Life Before Discovering Honeylove

Lately, I’ve been feeling self-conscious. I feel like my clothes don’t look good on me. And many of my favorite outfits don’t fit like they used to. I needed to fix this, so I decided to invest in some shapewear.

I didn’t know if it would truly make a difference, so I didn’t want to splash out too much money. I picked up some Maidenform shapewear from my local department store for a cheap price, but it barely made a difference and kept rolling down. Totally embarrassing because I thought everyone noticed the bulging.

Then I came across ASSETS — an affordable line by Spanx. Since Spanx is so well known I was sure they’d solve my problem, but I had the exact same issues. When I wore my Spanx to my friend’s wedding it was a disaster. I kept having to adjust myself.

I was venting to my girlfriend Cara at the wedding, and she told me about Honeylove, a Sculptwear brand she swears by. She was wearing her Honeylove that night. She twirled around and her dress was sleek and sexy. Cara looked amazing. She said they’re super comfy and don’t budge. She was beaming!

I was still iffy on shapewear but decided to give Honeylove a chance since they offer free standard shipping on all U.S. returns and exchanges. After reading many glowing reviews, I ordered the SuperPower Shortsthe rest is history.

My Life After Discovering Honeylove

Honeylove truly is a step above other shapewear brands I’ve tried. In fact, they specialize in Sculptwear. And wow, their SuperPower Shorts sculpt my body. My waist hasn’t looked so tiny in years!

But I knew the true test would come when I wore them to an event — all night long. And when the moment of truth came, I didn’t have to adjust them once. Targeted compression sculpts in all the right places and prevents roll-down. The short uses flexible boning so there’s no pinching or poking, and they’re smooth and breathable but extremely effective.

It’s so easy to find my size on the Honeylove site thanks to their brilliant sizing quiz – my shorts fit just right. The first time I wore the SuperPower Shorts I was amazed at just how comfortable they were. I haven’t felt this confident in so long — I got tons of compliments!

I wear them in the office and they stay put through the busiest work days. I’ve delivered some of the best presentations of my life in these shorts — they really do have superpowers.

The SuperPower Short costs just $89. Although it’s a bit more than other brands, Honeylove’squality matches big-name brands hands down while still being at an accessible price point. Plus, Honeylove is built to last.

The Takeaway

My SuperPower Short makes me look fantastic no matter what outfit I’m wearing!

Honeylove’s quality really beats out my old cheap brands — and probably the expensive ones too. The SoftFlex feature ensures comfort and the side boning stops it from rolling down.

Since I love the SuperPower Short so much I ordered the LiftWear Cami and the EverReady Pant and I’m so excited for them to arrive.

If you’re looking for Sculptwear that holds its shape while holding you in shape, then check out Honeylove.

JUST FOR YOU: Our friends at Honeylove are giving our readers a special offer! Buy one item, get 20% OFF the rest of your order + FREE shipping on all orders over $100!

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