How The South Beach Diet Made Cutting Unhealthy Carbs Easier Than Ever

How The South Beach Diet Made Cutting Unhealthy Carbs Easier Than Ever

Cutting back on carbs doesn't have to be hard. We've got five carb swaps for weeknight meals that will leave you just as satisfied as a carb-heavy dish. All the same deliciousness and comfort of a carb overload, but without the calories and fatigue.

Eating fewer carbs will even out your blood sugar and even lower your cravings giving you the freedom to maintain a healthy diet high in protein and healthy fats, and loaded with satisfaction.

Transform your body while enjoying your favorite foods with these low carb swaps that will change your life.

1. Swap Out Rice for Cauliflower

To make simple cauliflower "rice," grate 1/2 head of cauliflower and sautée like normal grains. Use this low carb hack for Mexican-style "rice" and beans with salsa, stir-fry, or all by itself as a delicious side dish.

2. Swap Out Mashed Potatoes for Turnips

Save 100 calories per cup by using mashed turnips instead of potatoes. The root vegetable can be cooked the same way, and your family may not even know the difference!

3. Swap out Pizza Crust for Portobellos

Everyone knows the crust is the worst part of the pizza. Top portabella mushrooms with tomato and shredded cheese, then bake at 400 degrees for just eight minutes. You can still add your favorite pizza toppings like roasted garlic, olives and peppers.

4. Swap Out Bread for Eggplant

Grill thick slices of eggplant and melt cheese in between for a mouthwatering meal. Try any type of cheese you want, and add basil for an Italian twist or an egg for extra protein. This could be the best grilled cheese you'll ever have.

5. Swap Out Spaghetti for Spiralized Zucchini

For almost zero carbs and in just one minute of cooking time, spiralized zucchini, or "zoodles," can yield tons of easy dinners. Top with marinara sauce, meatballs and cheese for a vegetable-laden spaghetti and meatballs, or sautée with parmesan and lemon to bring out the zucchini flavor.

These five carb swaps are going to trim your waistline and pack in huge amounts of flavor. The science behind the South Beach Diet plan will guide you to a beach body that runs on and craves healthy foods.

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