How the South Beach Program is Simplifying Low Carb Diets

Advertisement When it comes to weight loss, the facts are in and the research is clear: Low carb diets work. In a 2014 Tulane University study, participants following a low carb diet not only lost more weight and fat mass than their peers following a low-fat diet, they also saw greater improvements to their cholesterol―specifically, their HDL and triglyceride levels. Similar results were recorded in a 2015 study published in PLOS ONE. The researchers concluded, "Low carbohydrate diets should be considered effective and safe intervention for weight management."

The secret to the success of a low carb diet is that it avoids the dangerous glucose spikes that wreak havoc on our bodies and our ability to stick with a diet. When we eat foods high in carbs―particularly simple carbs like white breads and pastas―our blood sugar spikes and then quickly crashes, which leaves us feeling hungry again. As a result, we crave more carbs and sugar to bring our blood sugar back up to normal. In this vicious cycle, we end up eating more food, consuming more calories, and gaining weight. But it doesn't have to be that way! By reducing the amount of simple carbs you eat, then replacing them with fiber-filled complex carbs, you can put an end to the blood sugar rollercoaster that often is to blame for weight gain.

That's where the all new South Beach Diet program comes in.

Their scientifically designed, three phase approach helps you break free of your sugar and carb addiction by shipping delicious, low carb meals right to your door. You can choose from ready to make meals like a Chipotle Black Bean Bowl or their fan favorite, Chicken Cacciatore. The South Beach Diet program provides everything you need to eat well and stay on track.

The average person spends 51 minutes a day preparing food, and often more when they are trying to follow complicated diet rules or track points. Most South Beach meals are ready to go in just four minutes or less, so you can quickly crush those hunger cravings and finally see the results you need. No need to track complicated macronutrients or worry about ratios of carbs to fat to protein. Just pick the meals you want, heat and eat!

The South Beach Diet's nutritional foundation is recognized as one of the best diets for a healthy lifestyle. In Phase 1, you'll stay away from sugar and refined carbohydrates, foods that digest quickly, which cause you to be dependent on carbs and keep you trapped in a constant cycle of cravings and overeating.

During this first week, you'll reboot your body by eating foods high in lean protein, plus plenty of vegetables and healthy fats. Now your body will attack your fat, burning it for fuel, since your carb intake is stabilized at a lower consumption rate. You'll lose weight fast without being hungry. As your body converts fat to energy, shifting your internal chemistry, your cravings for junk food and sugar recede.

Phases 2 and 3 are all about getting to your goal and setting yourself up for long term success. In Phase 2, you'll reintroduce some high-quality carbs like whole grains, beans, and fruits. You'll stay on this phase until you've reached your goal weight. Then, you'll transition to Phase 3―maintenance.

The real secret of the South Beach Diet is that it works. Millions have trusted in their famous low carb approach. The South Beach Diet program has been helping people lose weight and see the results they want for over a decade.

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