How to Get Nothing Done This Labor Day

Congratulations. You have made it to this very sacred day. Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer, and the reminder that the days after Labor Day are going to be filled with, well, labor. So the best way to spend your last day of summer is to do absolutely nothing. Here's how.

1. Whatever you do, do not do your laundry.


You can do it tomorrow. Or the next day. Or next week.

2. Don't even think about writing a to-do list.

Because you have nothing to do!

3. Clean out the fridge by eating everything in sight.


Unless it's fuzz-covered and reeking.

4. Make some fun cocktails.

The funner, the better.

5. Don't send a single email.


Set your email vacation settings to, "Stop bothering me, laborers. It's Labor Day."

6. Put your feet up.

Let those puppies breathe. And maybe give 'em a soak in a fancy foot bath.

7. Contemplate cooking, but then order takeout instead.

Do not touch your stove.

Remember, it's better to put off on Labor Day what you can do tomorrow.

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