Is Lip Augmentation the Next Hot Kardashian Trend?

For better or for worse, many beauty trends, good and bad, start with the Kardashians. Right after Kim Kardashian nearly broke the Internet with nude photos of her extraordinarily large derrière, women began clattering for ways to increase their butt size. Trainers became inundated with requests for workout routines to increase gluteal muscle girth and plastic surgeons world wide saw a drastic increase in demand for Brazilian Butt Lifts!

Recently, Khloe Kardashian has demonstrated a noticeable increase in her lip size, combined with mad lipstick colors, another buzz is created! Lip augmentation is nothing new, as plastic surgeons and dermatologists have been performing them for years. It is the "Kardashian Pout Effect" that appears to be responsible for the recent significant tick upward in lip augmentation procedures performed around the country.

Options vary, but lip augmentation is best achieved with fillers like Hyaluronic Acid or fat transferred from other parts of your body. The advantage of fillers is ease and availability, it is done in the office in 15-30 minutes. The problem is it lasts only 4-6 months, which can be considered to be an advantage because if you don't like the look, it will eventually go away. Fat transfer offers much longer results, but a minor procedure is involved because the fat must be harvested, washed and then injected back into your lips. Cost is another factor. Fillers must be repeated several times a year, requiring 1-3 syringes each treatment. Some transferred fat lasts permanently, but the initial cost for the procedure is higher.

Seek advice from a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist, or be happy with your lips the way they are. We don't all have to try to be like the Kardashians, and that is not a bad thing!

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