Here's How Kimber Maderazzo Create Her Amazing Beauty Brand, Milli Rose

Milli Rose is the new makeup you need to try out!

Kimber Maderazzo has worn many hats in her career. The career which has taken her from a makeup counter at the age of only 14, to the boardroom of one of the most successful makeup and beauty product businesses in the world.

Along the way, she's designed looks for some of the top musical artists of the day, album covers, and prestigious runway fashion shows. Since then, she's spent most of her career creating beauty brands for celebrities and fortune 500 companies.

Kimber's journey to the top began with a simple act of kindness. A childhood friend suffered from severe acne scarring. Kimber started experimenting, mixing, and blending, products until she found the perfect formula to enhance her friend's natural beauty.

Milli Rose - the company's named after her cherished French Bulldog - is the end result of Kimber's adventures in the makeup trade. What she offers isn't a "one size fits all" approach. No - Milli Rose gives women the power to transform themselves with ease.

Kimber's all about ease. Finding the right makeup shouldn't be a hassle. It should be easily worn and easily blended. And don't forget fun! Whether the look you're after is serious, sexy, or seriously sexy, Milli Rose products are there to make it happen with a snap of the fingers.

Kimber's collections offer a unique and unexpected combination of colors. The shades can be used for all occasions, so they complement each other perfectly. Each of the palette's hues pair together flawlessly and can be layered if a more intense color is desired. Universally flattering, Milli Rose makeup is designed to work with all skin tones. The mix of mattes, shimmers, glitters, and shines will take your breath away!

Each palette has a broad range of colors that take you from day to night. The eyeshadow palettes have matching lipsticks, so it's easy to know what lipstick to choose to put the finishing touch on your look.

Kimber's a self-designed "beauty junkie," so you know how her products are presented rates high on her list. One glance at Milli Rose packaging is all you need to see how innovative, inspiring, and colorful it is. Light, exciting, feminine - just like the contents.

Even better, it not only looks good, it is good…to your skin and to the world. All Milli Rose products are rigorously vetted by dermatologists, and no animals are ever used in testing.

For such high quality, Milli Rose products are super affordable. 9 Shadow Palettes start at $32. Lip Kits containing 3 lipsticks start at $51. And the Glam Kit is only $68 for 12 eyeshadows and 3 nude lipsticks. You can be confident this makeup looks great together. Plus, everything delivers right to your door.

Newbies and total pros alike will find everything they need in Milli Rose. Kimber's products are versatile, easy-to-use, affordable . . . and beautiful. Anyone who wants to up their makeup game is going to want to give Milli Rose a try. From everyday touch-ups to special event palettes, Kimber Maderazzo's got the look you're after.

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