Finally, A Clean Fragrance Brand With 100% Ingredient Transparency

Most people don't know that the United States hasn't updated its cosmetics laws since 1938. Here's what fragrance companies have to disclose to consumers according to current regulations:

  1. Water
  2. Denatured Ethyl Alcohol
  3. "Fragrance" -- hmm. Vague, right?

According to current laws, fragrance companies don't have to disclose most of their ingredients, supposedly to protect "secret formulas" (aka that "Fragrance" portion). In the meantime, customers looking for clean products that are safe for their skin and the environment are left in the dark.

PHLUR is the fragrance industry's leader in transparency and has opened up the conversation by disclosing every single ingredient that goes into its scents so that customers (you!) can make informed decisions. PHLUR ensures that all sourcing and packaging is sustainable, and will reformulate based on new research that can point to harmful qualities within ingredients. The transparency goes beyond the ingredients, too. PHLUR always aims to be as safe, sustainably-sourced, and hypoallergenic as possible. They've been at this for 3 years and have been transparent since day 1. They may not be perfect, but they're pretty darn close.

One of the main ways PHLUR is able to accomplish this holistic approach is by blending synthetic and botanical ingredients. But what does that mean? In the spirit of transparency, here's everything you need to know:

Natural vs. Botanical -- what's the difference?

Here's the deal: just because something is "natural" doesn't always mean it's better. "Natural" sure gets a lot of attention in the beauty space these days, but we've gotta look at the full picture. Take cyanide, for example (a deadly, but "natural" chemical). You're not going anywhere near that. PHLUR prefers the word "botanical" -- it's a bit more precise: plant-based. PHLUR's scents are a beautiful blend of botanicals and synthetics, which leads us to the next question:

What is a synthetic fragrance?

Synthetic fragrances just refer to ones that are made in a lab, as opposed to coming straight from the earth. Many are even considered to be "natural identicals" since they match what is found in nature, but won't contribute to overharvesting.

How can synthetics be better for the environment?

Overharvesting is a big problem in the scent world, and some popular botanicals are actually going extinct. Natural sandalwood, for instance, is a vulnerable species, so creating an identical synthetic promotes environmental conservation. In addition, natural identicals are not a strain on our increasingly limited freshwater resources. For example, it takes ten thousand pounds of rose petals to produce 1 kg of oil. Basically, a huge mountain because rose petals are super light!

What makes the scents hypoallergenic?

PHLUR never uses parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or other skin irritants in their formulas. Plus, they use unique bottles that block light damage, so unlike other fragrances, PHLUR doesn't need to use harsh or potentially toxic chemicals as preservatives (praise!).

Plus, the synthetics help PHLUR mitigate allergens. PHLUR avoids using the most common botanical ingredients known to cause skin irritation and often replaces those botanicals with their natural identicals, removing the potential for allergic reactions.


Last, but certainly not least, the beautifully crafted fragrances. PHLUR has a range of scent experiences that will take you from smelling roses in Paris (Ameline) to an adventure through the Grand Canyon (Moab). Each fragrance takes a year to develop with the craftsmanship of top perfumers to ensure that it is unique and luxurious.

Fragrances evolve throughout the day based on your body chemistry, so it's best to try scents on first whenever possible. PHLUR makes this easy with an $18 trial kit that lets you try a month's supply of three different fragrances so you can make an informed decision about what scent is right for you (as well as what goes in it!). Plus when you fall in love with a fragrance and want to buy a bigger bottle, you can deduct the price of your trial kit from the purchase! Making the try-at-home experience practically free.

Start Sampling: Our friends at PHLUR are extending a special offer for our readers. Follow this link to pick your three scents for only $18 (+ shipping is free)!

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