How to be more confident (in bed)

We've all been there. Men and women alike suffer from performance anxiety—and it's no different in the bedroom. However, men likely take the social ass kicking of this phenomenon. Performance issues ranging from hitting the mark too hastily to losing the blood flow you worked so hard to achieve. There are plenty of ways to boost sexual energy and self-confidence; such as aphrodisiacs, testosterone and libido.

1. Stamina

That's right. We all know about the dreaded premature situation we can find ourselves in. Don't be ashamed, it's happened to every man east and west of the Mississippi. Next time you find yourself on the brink of climax—just stop. Give yourself 10 to15 seconds of recovery. Close your eyes and think about your grandma. But be discrete. You can disguise this move by distracting your partner with what she believes is your spontaneity.

2. Hit the gym

What does it take for you to start getting to the gym already? When your self-confidence plummets so does your self-esteem and your sexual appetite. Logically, if you don't believe in yourself, why would others believe in you? It's time to take your life back.

Hitting the gym has proven to raise testosterone levels which is a foolproof way of increasing your libido. Not only does the gym work to improve sexual desire—but it also can sculpt your body and body image into that dream body you have always wanted. Testosterone helps increase lean body mass and decrease body fat—it's a no brainer—go to the gym!

3. Oyster-Up

If you are looking to increase sexual energy, you should start by checking your testosterone levels. Oysters are saturated with zinc, which is a necessary nutrient for producing testosterone. Consuming high iron foods, such as oysters, will help you raise your testosterone levels. Thus, getting back in the bedroom all the quicker.

4. Lower stress

When you are always on the go, anxiety and stress build up in the mind and body. Constantly feeling on edge or anxious to complete tasks could mean you have maxed out your stress levels. If this occurs, stress hormones build up in the body, particularly cortisol.

Raised cortisol levels actually increase body fat and readies the body for lean muscle mass loss. Inherently, the body's reaction to stress depletes testosterone levels. The more stress that's built up in your mind and body, the faster and more chronic low testosterone levels appear. Reign in your stress—your mind, body and sex life will thank you later.

5. Live libido loca

Certain herbs such as Yohimbe and Saw Palmetto are natural aphrodisiacs. These tend to boost libido and performance in the bedroom—and also stimulate a desire for sexual activity. Additionally, the nutritional value of these aphrodisiacs can help improve blood circulation and energy levels. Raising testosterone levels typically has the same effect on libido. You can increase your testosterone levels in numerous ways.

6. Get a makeover

Ask any man or woman out there looking to be sexually stimulated. In fact, ask yourself this: would you have sex with you? If the answer is an emphatic no, you might want to consider some appearance adjustments. Things like getting to the gym may raise testosterone levels and increase lean body mass, but it won't change the shirt on your back or that pitiful haircut you forget you need every 8 to 12 weeks.

Be realistic. If you're a two, you're a two. Don't try to be a ten. However, maybe you're a two because you aren't doing the little things like regular manscaping, shaving, touching up the hair line, getting enough sun, or updating your wardrobe. The small things add up. Women and men alike notice and it can take an attraction to the next level.

7. Talk with your partner

Getting lost in the anguishes of a relationship can happen quickly, and snowball even faster. Before things get out of hand, talk to your partner. The reason you may be feeling sexually limp could be because you lack that emotional connection to your partner you once had. When sex starts to be put on the back burner, oftentimes partners start to feel as if it they are the reason. The truth is, you may be. And this can most certainly inhibit your self-confidence. It's important to speak with your partner. Find out the true reason that spark has been lost.

Don't worry—you can recover from most performance based issues you are suffering from all the while regaining your confidence and stamina. Natural remedies have extensive research; have you tried any lately? Go exercise and most importantly, talk with your partner.

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