My 4-Week Self-Care Diary

Lots of accountability + dark chocolate.

2020 was a year of insane highs and lows.

One of my lowest points was when I got on the scale. I had no idea how it even happened. I saw my highest weight and was completely overwhelmed.

I knew it was from stress eating. I felt so disconnected from my body, my whole routine needed a reset. I remembered that my friend had lost weight a couple years ago, so I asked her for advice. She told me she used the South Beach Diet®.

Honestly, fad diets put me off. However, the South Beach Diet® is apparently a doctor-designed plan that has been around for years. That definitely doesn't sound like a fad! There's no counting "points" and they send perfectly-portioned, filling meals right to your door.

I decided to take the plunge to see what would happen! I chose a plan that gave me breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and probiotic shakes. Here's how my first month went:

Week One

When my first box arrived, it was fun to take everything out and look at the meals. I was so excited to try the Vegetable Frittata, White Bean Chicken Chili,

and Dark Chocolate Nut Bar! It was all super tasty and satisfying.

I also downloaded the South Beach Diet® Tracker app on my phone. It helped me stay on track and even ignited my competitive spirit with their exclusive challenges (I got excited when I saw "prizes"). I also learned how to quickly log my food by simply scanning the barcodes on my South Beach Diet® meals.

Week Two

It feels like my pants might be fitting better. To keep myself busy and focused on my goal, I've started making myself some DIY meals with inspiration from the South Beach Diet® blog, The Palm®.

My favorite South Beach Diet® menu item so far: Chicken Broccoli and Riced Cauliflower. It is seriously so delicious and I like it better than restaurant takeout! Oh, and I love the Double Chocolate Cookie Bites. They satisfy my sweet tooth (and chocolate cravings) without sabotaging my progress. I add-in fresh grocery items and even make a few homemade meals.

With their delicious desserts, I like that I can lose weight while still indulging a bit. I also started reading the success stories on their blog, The Palm®, for inspiration. I've stuck to everything so far but I'm an impatient person, so the extra motivation helps.

Week Three

The South Beach Diet® doesn't require intense exercise. However, with less time spent cooking, I have had some extra time at night for some light yoga! Yes, I struggle with Downward Dog, but not feeling super full from stress snacking has made me want to practice even more.

I've been logging my exercise in their app, too. It's really nice to see my progress somewhere other than the scale.

Week Four

It's time for me to be even more flexible! Thanks to the recipes on The Palm®, I made some of my own meals and snacks. I loved the Instant Pot Tuscan Soup and the Chocolate Avocado Pudding; it was so easy and I discovered that I really like almond butter.

At the end of my fourth week, I loved seeing all of my progress in the app. I'm now in my eighth week and have reached my goal! With the South Beach Diet® and their Tracker app, I've never been more confident that I can keep the weight off. A full jumpstart to my diet really helped, and incorporating South Beach Diet® meals into my lifestyle in the future is going to keep me from hitting another low point.

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