Thinx underwear releases new red color

Thinx underwear takes the guesswork out of periods.

When I was younger — and not on birth control — I used to bleed like Niagra Falls during my period. It would last five to seven days and I would almost always bleed through my undies, especially at night.

Thinx underwear takes the guesswork out of periods — it's made of material that fights bacteria, is absorbent,and wicks away moisture to get that dry feel that rarely comes along with periods. And best of all — they just released a new red design that celebrates the color of your blood!

The top layer of Thinx is antimicrobial and absorbs your period blood right into the thin layer underneath — so you never feel any wetness at the top. It never has that diaper-like feeling pads have nor do you feel like you're sitting in a pool of blood.

Thinx has six original designs since the company first started up. So, which one should you choose?


The hiphugger and hi-waist option are medium to high coverage and absorbs the most blood out of all the panties. They can hold two regular tampons' worth of blood including backing you up on heavier days.

The boyshort does basically the same thing, except it's more gender-neutral than the other two, making it the perfect choice for trans women or non-binary individuals that have periods. It's also cute as heck.

The sport style has medium coverage and moves with your body for the ultimate athletic panty. It can hold up to one and a half tampons' worth of blood and can back up heavier days. The cheeky style has low to medium coverage and holds one tampon's worth of blood — perfect for light or discharge days.

And last but certainly not least, the thong style is Thinx's sexiest design, but only holds about half a regular tampon's worth of blood. Wearing this product might not be the best on heavier days, but it's perfect for spotting or discharge.

Thinx also provides cotton undies, activewear, merch and tampons. Most products come in black, gray, beige or red with a diverse line of designs.

Different options is super important to women — and having the Thinx technology means that having your period basically becomes like any other day. No interruptions, no mishaps and no missing school or work. If period panties always meant baggy, ugly and plain, period-having people will feel the same way.

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Thinx has been working to break the period taboo since Jan. 2014nobody wants to talk about blood coming out of vaginas for some reason. No, seriously, if men had periods, tampons and pads would already be free everywhere. Check out Thinx's blog for information about STD's, feminism, women's health and much more.

It's important for big companies to start caring about women's health and taboos. The fact that this product exists and has helped with a big problem in women's lives is both freeing and empowering.

Their latest project has yet to be unveiled but Thinx is preparing to give back to the world with Thinx Foundation. Stay tuned for Thinx's newest project to find out how you can help in ending the stigma surrounding periods — other than buying and using their products.

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