Back to Basics at The Gym: Why Treadmills are in Again

Acroyoga, barefoot running, cycle karaoke, and other such trendy, novelty workout classes have dominated the fitness industry for the past few years. There are more choices in workout classes than ever before, and millenials have been lining up to try them all. With the rise of apps like classpass, Americans are now spending more on fitness than they are on education.

You can even do a downward dog with a goat on your back. If you can manage to get off the 1,200 person waitlist, that is. In a world where hundreds of people are lining up for the next goat yoga class, many of us are eager to get back to basics at the gym. Treadmills are in again.

This past fall, Pendleton's new $4,000 Tread Treadmill sold out before it even launched, and tread classes at the brands New York City studio are always packed. Gyms like Equinox are also noticing the trend with their Precision Running Program becoming one of their most popular classes.

Boutique studios focused solely on treadmill workouts are even popping up. In New York City you can try a treadmill class at the Mile High Run Club. In Los Angeles, you can head to Stride for a variety of different group workouts, all on treadmills.

Treadmills are no longer considered boring. With new technology emerging, you can better track your fitness progress and get the most of interval training. You can even workout on a treadmill without any running involved. Ready to get the goat off your back or workout without someone screaming inspiring quotes at you while cycling furiously in a dark room? Here are 3 new tips for using a classic piece of gym equipment.

Use an App

Studio App Treadmill WorkoutsStudio App

Running on a treadmill doesn't have to suck. New apps, like Studio, can help you enjoy the treadmill again. This app offers boutique running classes with motivating instructors and killer playlists. All in the palm of your hand.

You can tune into group classes at anytime. With their leaderboard you can see who else joined the same class and even compare biometric data and compete with classmates on time and distance. You get rewarded with "fitcoins" for the time and distance you log. The virtual currency can improve your ranking on the leaderboard or even be cashed in for prizes.

Up the Incline

Up the incline on your treadmillShape Magazine

Running on a treadmill is a great way to burn calories and improve endurance, but it's often been criticized for not doing much for your glutes. You don't have to ditch the treadmill to avoid a flat butt though! All you need to do is up the incline and slow your pace down from time to time.

Personal trainer Ryan Read, known for transforming backsides, recommends running or walking on an incline in intervals. Strong, incline walking sessions build muscular strength, enhance posture, and improve body compositions. All keys to developing better glutes.

Try New Moves

Ab exercises on a treadmillWomen's Health Magazine

There are plenty of ways to use a treadmill without walking or running in a straight line. You can lunge, side shuffle, or even walk a plank. Walking lunges on a treadmill is a great toning exercise for your butt and legs. It's also more convenient, because you don't need as much space in the gym.

Side shuffles might look a little strange, but they're a serious workout for your inner and outer thighs while also getting your cardio in. Planking on a treadmill is another great move. It might sound complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it's actually pretty simple. Using a treadmill to do walking planks is a killer workout for your abs. Here's a full breakdown of each move from Women's Health.

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