Tired of Being Tired? Try Protein!

A lot of people struggle with staying awake and staying full before lunch. Sometimes breakfast doesn't cut it. Or maybe you've run out of time and skipped it entirely. Instead of missing out on meals, guzzling coffee, and falling asleep at your desk try protein powder.

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There are some pros and cons, so let's start with the pros. The first pro is hunger control. If you are routinely struggling to stay full in between meals and are tired of snacking or tummy rumbling then try protein powder. Incorporate it into a morning smoothie to hide the taste completely or mix it up with water or almond milk for a quicker option. Being full longer will help you skip unhealthy snacks and cut down cravings that drastically weaken your resolve. Protein responds to our bodies differently and won't cause a blood sugar spike or crash like carbs or sugary treats do. Staying full for longer and having enough energy will help you stay awake for that morning shift.

Another pro is great for those who are looking to get a bit more fit. Protein is good for building up muscles. So if you usually head to the gym without eating breakfast then this will be your new best friend. True, it's most effective if taken directly after your workout but you can choose which time you'd prefer to use it and which benefits you're more specifically looking for. Protein helps you gain muscle and even if you don't want to have a body builder physique it's good to help your muscles heal after a workout. Taking protein powder won't instantly bulk you up like the hulk.

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Okay, let's look at the cons. First off, meal replacements really aren't a good idea. But you just said…! Yeah I know, and I'm both right and wrong. Here, let me explain. Protein powders are great for people who are on the run and can't grab something to eat but don't get carried away. People try to skip meals routinely in order to save time or to try to lose weight. That's not healthy. Protein should be an added ingredient to help boost your diet, not replace it. If you are interested in getting healthier and want to try protein powder then think of it as supplemental. It can health up your smoothie or help you last a few more hours but it's not a miracle worker.

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There are a lot of types of protein powders on the market. Nearly every health food store and supermarket carries a variety of protein powders or shakes. You could get vanilla or chocolate if you want to try and get a little more flavor. Add it to your fruit smoothie, water, or unsweetened almond milk and mix it up. There are even recipes to add it to other meal options, like pancakes! If you're serious about adding it to your diet then consider getting a protein powder bottle. These bottles can be incredibly helpful for mixing in your protein without it getting clumpy. The little ball inside will break up the powder and incorporate it flawlessly into your beverage.

Don't forget that getting and staying healthy is a journey. There are no miracle products that will do all the work for you but if this helps you then keep on using it!

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