Getting Michael Phelps's Body is Only 1,000,000 Crunches Away

Alright, we're exaggerating. But for those of us that are out of shape, even 5 crunches can seem like 1,000,000. Becoming an Olympic athlete is not for the faint of heart. So please, consult with a doctor before you start taking your body into overdrive. It's not right for everyone. Working out hard is great, but working out smart is even better. Here's how Phelps does it.

Men's Journal takes us inside a day in the life of Phelps and his coach's intense fitness regimen. Think you're up for the challenge?

1. Warm up with three sets of 20 jackknife crunches.

2. Then, three sets of 25-35 pushups. Oh boy.

3. Three more sets of bodyweight squats.

4. Pool time. Swim 14 laps per workout with only 30-second breaks.

5. If you're feeling ambitious repeat a circuit of 50 meters of freestyle, swim holding a kick board, then swim with a kick board between your legs three times.

6. Time for the freestyle pyramid. Are you out of breath yet?

7. Slow it down with a relaxation drill by doing 12 laps with a buoy between your legs, only breathing 4 times per lap.

8. Lastly, an interval swim. This is a sprint for a lap, and a relaxed pace on the return. Repeat 5 times.

We think you're ready for the next Olympics. Get in the water!

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