Green Chef: The Vegetarian Meal Kit

As a vegetarian and a self-proclaimed foodie, I sometimes feel left out from all the meal kit subscriptions. I love trying new cuisines, but foodie culture can be so meat-focused, I didn't think any of them were for me. My diet had become stuck in a rut.

I usually tune out all the ads that feature giant steaks with funky-lookin' vegetables, but one I saw for Green Chef caught my eye; it's the only kit I'd seen with a host of options, including vegetarian! They had options for paleo, keto, vegan, and gluten-free diners; there's even an omnivore plan so meat eaters can try it for themselves.

I signed up on a whim because it was the only meal kit option that was catering to my needs, and it ended up changing the way I eat dinner. Thank you, thank you Green Chef for taking away my excuses and allowing me to cook delicious, balanced vegetarian meals in no time. Now that I took the plunge, I'm ready to answer all your questions about Green Chef.

Wait, what is it?

Green Chef is a meal kit subscription service. Once a week, a box of food arrives at your door with pre-portioned packages ready to cook. There's usually some light chopping involved, but foods like cauliflower rice will already be pre-pulsed. Every box comes with a meal card and you can choose delivery options that work for your schedule. I found that it encourages me to try new foods I otherwise wouldn't, and I'm never worried that I'll accidentally eat meat because I misread a takeout menu.

Does it taste good?

Uhhh, it is delicious. My boyfriend eats chicken wings like they're going out of style, but he's always stealing all my next-day veggie meals from the fridge! Their team of talented chefs have handcrafted a robust database of recipes that are guaranteed to be amazing. I've discovered I love peanutty East African flavors and I still dream about that Mongolian tofu.

Is there enough protein?

I still have recurring nightmares about going to a family bbq where I was only able to eat corn-on-the-cob. Thankfully, every GreenChef meal feels nutritious and balanced with protein from foods like black beans, cashews, chickpeas, fried eggs, tofu, or tempeh (the protein every vegetarian knows they should try, but doesn't know how). I also don't feel like I'm missing out on the full meal kit experience just because I don't eat meat.

How's the quality of the food?

Yes! With my jam-packed lifestyle, it can be super easy to heat up mac'n'cheese and call it a night, but Green Chef offers a variety of fresh foods that really make a meal sing. They don't use preservatives and strive to provide only the best, seasonal produce. It's nice to have proof that my meals are making a positive impact on the environment, too: the packaging is recyclable or biodegradable when possible and they offset 100% of their carbon emissions with sustainability programs. Every time I order Thai, I feel guilty about the new set of plastic containers I won't be able to reuse or recycle.

I'm super busy, is it easy to change my subscription?

Yup! When I was traveling a lot for work over the summer, I switched to bi-weekly and paused my order for two weeks. You can change the frequency, your food plan (if you make the plunge to go vegan), skip orders, or cancel at any time.

Will I use every pot and pan in my kitchen?

Nope! The step-by-step instruction cards are super clear; you won't suddenly realize you need a strainer on step 5.

Is it expensive?

Green Chef is the most affordable, convenient way to eat well and maintain a vegetarian diet. Meal prices start at 11.99 plus shipping. I also don't find myself snacking after hours because I just ordered a giant plate of noodles again from the Chinese place.

If you're ready to step away from giving in to overpriced lackluster cheese sandwiches and start making picture-perfect meals for yourself, try Green Chef today.

Update: The folks at Green Chef are extending a special offer to our readers: Follow this link to get $40 off your first Green Chef Box!