I Did A $341 HoneyLove Haul - Here’s My Review

  • Honeylove offers stylish, comfortable sculptwear in the form of shorts, bras, leggings, cami's and more.
  • Known for their iconic Sculptwear Shorts, HoneyLove has so many everyday essential products.
  • I tried out a range of products from their line to see if it’s worth the price.
  • Read below to see everything I got with $341 and what I’m keeping or returning.

I was never a shapewear fan; let’s just say I prefer to let my curves shine. But sometimes, I need to just squeeze into those formal business meeting dresses. If I was ever gonna give in to sculptwear, it would be with a brand that’s made with high-quality materials and comfort in mind.

Enter Honeylove, a brand that aims to help women feel sexy and confident without sacrificing a single ounce of comfort. They’ve redesigned shapewear from the inside out to deliver iconic Sculptwear items that accentuate your curves and help you look your absolute best.

I wanted to try the brand for myself, so I tested the quality of a range of items to determine what lives up to the hype, what’s skippable, and if I could be converted into a Sculptwear fan. Here’s what I thought.

The first product I tried was the Crossover Bra in Fig.

I’ve been looking for a new cozy bra lately that doesn’t feel old-lady-ish, and I found it!

As you can see, it’s completely gorgeous. No wire — nothing was poking me. It’s easy to switch to a cross back or leave it as is. It costs $69, but with the adjustable elements, it’s great if you’re in between sizes or tend to fluctuate.

The Crossover Bra is super supportive, incredibly soft, and instantly became my favorite bra. I have to go back and grab the rich Navy next time.

The next product I tried was the SuperPower Short in Runway.

This put HoneyLove on the map and I see why. The SuperPower Short has targeted compression shorts that go from mid-thigh to belly button — I can say they look even better in person!

With the perfect combination of nylon, spandex, and cotton, The SuperPower Short has a hidden SoftFlex structure that holds the garment up without additional straps (additional straps are included if needed). Inspired by corsets, without the difficult laces, this feature makes HoneyLove better than any other Shapewear.

I’ve got compression in exactly the right spots, but I’m still able to flaunt my natural curves. While sitting, the top doesn’t roll down or pinch, and if I need to use the bathroom, they’re made with a bathroom-friendly opening, so I don’t even have to take them off.

They look incredible under bodycon dresses but give me confidence under my more casual office wear as well. The SuperPower Short is $69 and comes in sizes from XS to 3X and 5 different colors.

Then I tried their Legging 2.0 in Jet Black.

The first thing that came to my mind — I can live in these!

Made with sheer-proof fabric, hip pockets, and a soft and flexible waistband. Plus, they are made to be worn without underwear — you have to try it to believe it. The Leggings 2.0 uses an anti-moisture gusset and contains the same protection against sweat and leaks as panties.

They’re also made with Honeylove’s Sculpting technology making them cozy to lounge all day in or dress them up for a night out. Totally worth the $99 investment, their tummy support panel and thigh contouring allow me to embrace my natural curves in comfort.

Finally, I tried their iconic LiftWear Cami in Stonewash Blue.

Note: the Cami does not have stripes, that's just my camera!

This was the piece I was most hesitant about, but honestly, I love it under a t-shirt! It has the comfort of the bra and the tummy-shaping magic of the SuperPower Short.

I’ve worn the cami under shirts but also found that it’s great on its own. My favorite lately has been the LiftWear Cami and Leggings 2.0 combo — easy, supportive, and incredibly cute.

The $84 cami comes in 8 colors, and I’m going to go back for the stunning Deep Aqua. You can never have enough essential tops like the LiftWear Cami in your closet.

Overall, HoneyLove converted me into a Sculptwear girl, and I love every single piece.

All of their products are super effective, flattering, and comfortable. With so many gorgeous colors, these are the essential building blocks to any wardrobe, casual or dressy.

Thanks to HoneyLove, I’m finally strutting my stuff no matter what I’m doing and loving my curves while I do it — it gets the green light!

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