All Your Questions About Honeylove, Answered

Is anyone else dreading trying on that party dress after living in comfy sweats for a year and a half? We know we are.

We've tried shapewear in the past and have never loved it - it would always roll down or be too tight and uncomfortable, but so many people are talking about Honeyloveand their sculptwear collection, we had to try it out - and wow, are we impressed.

Honeylove helped us look our best and feel confident in our favorite dress again. Interested to know more? Here are all your questions answered:

What kind of products does Honeylove have?

Honeylove offers everything from Bras, Tops, Bodysuits, as well as the Sculptwear. Their Sculptwear collection includes items such as their SuperPower Short, Queen Brief, SuperPower Thong, and SuperPower Brief.

Do they have shapewear for special occasions and everyday wear?

Yes, they have a product in their sculptwear collection to fit any and all occasions. Their SuperPower Short goes great under long dresses, the SuperPower Thong is perfect for fitted occasion wear that won't have a panty line, the Queen Brief and SuperPower Brief are perfect for everyday wear.

What sizes do they have and how will I know my size?

Honeylove is size-inclusive and is all about loving your body, no matter the size. Their sizes range from XS to 3X. Their accurate sizing quiz, lets you enter your hip, waist, and thigh measurements to find your perfect fit. If your order doesn't fit perfectly, they also have a 30-day hassle-free returns policy.

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Is Honeylove's Sculptwear comfortable?

Before launching any product, it goes through rigorous testing for 1-2 years with real women to make sure it's super comfortable. Honeylove sources the softest, most durable, performance fabrics.

But the thing that makes Honeylove different from other shapewear we've tried is that it's not only the most comfortable, but it's made to stay up. They stop the dreaded roll-down many women experience with shapewear by incorporating a special feature called SoftFlex - these are flexible structures hidden in the side seams of the waist that hold the garment up without the need for bra straps, and it also supports posture.

What piece is right for me?

If you're looking to lift and smooth the booty or sculpt the thigh area, we'd recommend the SuperPower Short. If you're looking for stomach support, the whole SuperPower line will suit your needs, but the SuperPower Thongis a necessity for invisible panty-lines. And if you're looking for some everyday shapewear, try the Queen Brief.

Honeylove is by far the most comfortable sculptwear/shapewear we've ever tried. We feel amazing in it. If you want to try shapewear to feel more comfortable and confident, we'd highly recommend checking out Honeylove. You won't regret it!

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