How Honeylove Beats All Other Shapewear Hands Down

I can’t remember what I used to wear to be comfy before leggings existed. I love how I feel in them and how they make me look.

But I’m done buying 2-for-1 packs that get holes in them after a few months. So I set off on a journey to find the absolute best leggings that would last.

There are so many brands out there, so after a ton of research, I settled on two:Honeyloveand Spanx.

Honeylove seemed to be the best of the new crop of brands promoting revolutionary fits, cuts, and ways to smooth and lift your body. Spanx holds the title as one of the top legacy brands.

They’re both known for their high-quality shaping, so I knew they’d be good; but which one would come out on top?

Key Similarities

  • Both aim to provide comfort and support
  • Both have inclusive sizing from XS - 3X
  • Both come in Black
  • Both are free of center seams (no camel toe!)
  • Both are committed to making women feel confident and sexy
  • Both brands have shape solutions and apparel options
  • Both have free shipping options

Key Differences

  • Spanx runs small, according to community members
  • Honeylove features hidden shaping panels - Spanx has shaping throughout
  • Honeylove features pockets!


Honeylovebelieves women deserve garments that are just as comfortable as they are effective — without sacrificing style.

The Jet Black Legging 2.0 is definitely stylish. The most flattering features are the medium-high waist, the interior shaping panels,and the subtle V-shape in the back. They’re also sheer-proof and claim you can’t see panty lines - 100% accurate!

When I put these on, I was overwhelmed by how comfortable they are. Honeylove’s known for their amazing Sculptwear that lifts,supports and sculpts your body - but these leggings were also super cozy. I finally had leggings I could lounge in, run errands, and even dress up for a night out with the girls.

They're not itchy, they don’t roll down when I sit, and they have pockets!

I felt like I’d found the perfect leggings, but had to try Spanx, too to see if they’d measure up.


Spanx’s best-selling Look at Me Now High-Waisted Seamless Legging comes in Very Black. I liked the complete lack of seams - it gives these leggings a ballerina vibe.

With their focus on fixing wardrobe woes, Spanx is tried and true. Their line-up has compression and supportive styles that go way beyond mere shapewear.

When I tried on the Leggings, I can certainly see why Spanx has been around for so long. I’d been warned that they run a little small, so I went up a size to find my ideal fit.

I loved the look of the super-high waist (it’s a favorite feature among new moms), but when sitting down, it wasn’t super comfortable.

And I was surprised to say that while I thought I’d appreciate the seamless option, it made these feel like a brand you’d find at Target.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a winner turned out to be harder than I thought. Both brands are clearly committed to making products that provide support and help women feel confident and sexy.

Although Spanx’s leggings are very flattering and less expensive, Honeylove’s are pretty much perfect.

It all came down to Honeylove’s comfy fit and targeted shaping panels. Spanx pulls you in all over. But Honeylove takes into account the shape of a woman’s body and accurately targets areas that need more support so we can embrace our natural curves.

If you’re looking for leggings that will last, you HAVE to check outHoneylove. They’re everything I’ve ever wanted - their clothes move with you. I’m going for the rest of their sculptwear line, next!

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