How Bombfell's Stylist Surprised Me With Their Excellent Selections

I've always cared about my presentation and looking good, but recently I've become considerably lazier when it comes to picking out clothes. Do I think about heading down to Nordstrom and picking out classy outfits? Absolutely. But I no longer have the time nor motivation to travel all the way to a department store and then spend half a day looking for a blazer and pair of jeans. That being said, I don't want my girlfriend picking out my clothes either and so I've been looking for an alternative way to source my clothes. A month ago my buddy told me about Bombfell, an online styling service that curates a box of clothes and sends it directly to your door.

I'm not one to fall for subscription services, especially ones that claim to know your style. My friend told me that Bombfell provides you with a personal stylist who curates a box based on your preferences. I figured I'd give it a shot because I got 7 days to try everything on and keep what I wanted then return what I didn't in their prepaid packaging. It sounded too easy to be true. I didn't believe that someone could really learn my "style" and find clothes that actually fit. That's a hard task even for me to do! Giving Bombfell the benefit of the doubt, I decided to sign up and see if this service could really deliver.

The signup process was straightforward. I created an account and was prompted to answer some questions about my preferences like the brands I currently wear, the fit profile such as "trim" or "relaxed", what styles I usually prefer as well as my budgets for each type of clothing. I selected a $75 budget for sweaters and a $100 budget for jeans. At the end of the questionnaire, I was paired with my personal stylist. I received a preview email of the clothes where I was able to change the colors of items, ask for new styles or cancel clothes that I didn't like. Seeing the clothes that my stylist picked before the box shipped really helped me find clothes that I liked.

The box arrived within a week after I ordered it. My first box had four items: a gray Howe fitted blazer, a classic pair of Mavi jeans, a dress v-neck sweater and a pair of corduroy pants. The style was definitely a bit more dressed up than what I normally wear, but after trying everything on, I was surprisingly pleased with the look. I probably wouldn't have bought Mavi jeans on my own, but when I tried them on, they fit really well. The v-neck sweater was slightly fitted and made me feel a bit more put together than my usual tee and jeans. I ended up keeping everything but the corduroy pants, which I'd say is a great success for a man who wanders the store for hours only to buy a t-shirt. I was happy with the value because I didn't have to go shopping or hopelessly try to figure out what styles look good.

One box was enough to convince me that I could really have a recurring subscription to Bombfelland never have to worry about shopping again. The best part is that I can give feedback to my stylist so I can get clothing that better matches my style with every delivery. Not only am I more confident in my look, but people are noticing the change. My friends even started busting my chops about how I suddenly "upgraded" my look. I feel like I've given more of an effort in my appearance, even though it's basically effortless.

Update:Try Bombfell and get stylist-picked menswear for work and everything after. Quality clothes, no subscription required, free shipping and returns.

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