Sitting Your Way To A Sore Back? Try These Tips

Woman typing on a laptop/majortomagency/Unsplash

Sitting in front of a desk day in and day out might seem like an easy job — especially when compared to spending the whole day on your feet. But sitting on a chair all day can totally wreak havoc on your spine.

I’m a prime example as all my jobs involved tapping away on the computer for hours on end. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do — it’s just day-after-day of inertia that’s the problem. I used to take 10-minute breaks to stretch and pace around the room. But over the Covid -19 pandemic years, I’ve grown lazy-lazy-lazy. And the only parts that get any exercise are my brain and hands — trust me, they’ve never been stronger.

But sitting all day is not good! Not for your mind or body.

A recent survey conducted by Chubb Insurance found that over 40% of Americans have increased shoulder, back, or wrist pain since working from home.

Skye Donovan — Director of Marymount University’s School of Health Sciences — says, “People who were forced to work from home without the space and equipment really saw an uptick in injuries because they were working from wherever they could, whether it was their kitchen table or couch.”

The place we work makes a difference to our health — it’s not just about going into the office but how we sit, stand, and walk around. By repeating the same sitting and standing motions again and again, our hips can get locked. When you do stand or try to walk again, you work long-asleep muscles, and it often leads to soreness.

When your home office is the living room or kitchen table, it’s imperative to stay consistent and active. As a remote worker, I’ve gone through my fair share of muscular distress so I went online seeking solace for my aching back.

Although it costs a ton of dough, my health is a priority. So I picked up these office equipment items that have changed my work day for the better:

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Via Office Designs

When I started working from home I quickly realized that I had to get a standing desk or suffer the consequences. But then I found this Passage Desk Converter by The Smarter Office. It’s a brilliant - inexpensive - solution. Simply place on top of your desk and adjust as needed, making it easy to go from sitting to standing.

With my Passage Desk Converter, I can pace myself and decide to work standing or sitting or switch off whenever I need. I get whatever I want without having to rearrange furniture.

This foldable treadmill slides directly under my desk — even better, when I’m using my standing desk. Sure, it was an investment, but it’s paid off in more ways than one. I am now back to achieving those 10,000 steps — something I lost during the last few years. But it also helps increase concentration and focus and eliminates my afternoon slump.

Research shows that walking at least 21 minutes a day can help reduce heart disease. And with this foldable treadmill, I walk while I work — a definitely win-win!

Via Home Depot

An under-desk pedal bike is my happy medium. I’m sitting but active. Basically, it’s like a full-fledged bike with adjustable tension. I can spend as little as 30 minutes or hours at my desk working intently on a company project while pedaling away. It makes the time fly by.

IMHO, the pedal bike beats a ball balance chair hands down. With the pedal bike, I can burn energy while still focusing on my work. Plus, I’ve found that it also helps me deal with frustration and anxiety. What a fantastic way to multi-task and de-stress at the same time.

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