5 Things All Contact Wearers Can Relate To

Let's be real: contacts may be superior in most situations, but they are an enormous pain. Especially if you're a monthlies die-hard, contacts are way less convenient than glasses. Sure, you get to see a 3D movie without becoming six-eyes, you can ride roller coasters without holding onto your face, and you can see in the rain, but not without major complaints.

Contacts are super tricky to master, and when you do, there's a whole 'nother set of challenges. If your biggest contacts grievances revolve around your current monthlies or the massive price, you might want to check out Hubble. They offer affordable daily contacts, and your first 15 pairs are just $1, so you only have a buck to lose if you're not a fan.

Here are 5 annoying things all contact wearers can relate to:

The End-of-the-Month Stretch

The fresh pair that's just a few days away may be all to keep you going when you're on that end-of-the-month strain. Itchy, irritated eyes, struggling to see through deteriorating lenses, or making the switch to glasses earlier and earlier in the day is no fun.

When There's Something In Your Eye

What is it? An eyelash? A dust bunny? A tree branch?!? When something flies into your eye, getting it out is no longer solved just by rubbing and splashing water. It's now a delicate dance of balancing your contact on your finger as you try and find the tiniest little speck.

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Losing A Contact

"Has anyone seen a contact?" The answer is never yes. That question always begins an hour-long search that would have you crawling on a movie theater floor just so you don't have to reorder your monthlies. 'Cause you know that if you lose your monthlies early in the month you. are. screwed.

Paying a gazillion dollars for clear, tiny disks

They're so tiny!!! And so expensive!!! Dailies can be better in that sense, but they're often more expensive if you wear your contacts every day. With Hubble, contacts are $36/month (+$3 shipping & handling), and you can adjust your frequency. That's less than 65 cents a contact, and with no contact solution necessary, you save on overpriced water.

Waiting In Line For Them

Standing on line at the pharmacy at 6pm on a Friday is nobody's ideal evening. With Hubble, they send your contacts straight to your door once they've verified your prescription with your optometrist. No middleman.

If your eyeglass prescription is a decade old because you love your contacts that much, it pays to get Hubble for some of the most affordable daily contacts on the market. They let you choose your frequency, and start you off with 2 weeks worth for $1. Hubble can't prevent a bug from flying into your retina and ruining your day, but they can help with those monthlies gripes.

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