How hundred’s customized vitamins helped me feel better

The best quality supplements customized just for me

Last year I felt exhausted all the time because I was under a huge amount of stress at work. I was working late every day, and I started having trouble falling asleep at night. To be honest, I wasn't taking good care of myself - I was eating junk food and barely working out- so no surprise that I felt terrible!

When I complained to my sister, she recommended I try hundred, a new customized vitamin service she was using to improve her skin. She said they had a bunch of health goals to choose from, such as "more energy" and "better sleep," which I definitely could use. She did seem more energized and was glowing since starting just 3 months ago, so I decided to look into it.

hundred starts you off with a short lifestyle quiz. They asked me about my stress levels, habits, exercise routine, diet, medications, and health goals. They even took into account where I lived. For example: if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and are struggling with the lack of sunshine, there's a good chance you need Vitamin D!

From there, hundred recommended 4 vitamins for me: Melatonin to help me with my sleep issues, Ashwagandha for stress relief, CLA for boosting my energy, and Vitamin D for keeping my mood high during the cold winter months.

I had never heard of CLA or Ashwagandha before, but they have proven beneficial properties, so I was excited to try them! The website explained that CLA is designed to give your body an energy kick while improving alertness, and Ashwagandha is a stress-busting herb backed by some pretty impressive research.

I signed up for the 3-month subscription because that's how long it can take for your body to fully adjust to the vitamins, and I wanted to give them the best shot at working.

Plus, I saved 30% by signing up for 3 months upfront. My vitamins arrived a few days later in daily packs with my name on them! Not only did they look cool, but they were super convenient and easy to take with me to the office.

What was even more incredible was that they paired me with a Nutritionist for free - something I could never afford otherwise! Paulina was amazing - I was a little uneasy about a potentially negative interaction between my vitamins and my meds, but she reassured me that all my vitamin recommendations were totally safe, and had already been screened for interactions.

It was so nice that I could ask her questions at any time, and I felt like I had some guidance in the foreign world of vitamins. After talking to Paulina, I also decided to add Vitamin B12 to make up for lack of my meat-free diet. I never would've known my body was missing this "energy essential" as they call it - makes sense why I'm so dead all the time.

After just a few weeks of taking the vitamins, I noticed that I was sleeping better and feeling more energized during the day. Thanks to all the healthy tips they were sending me, I also started walking to the office to increase my daily step count to 10,000 and even started packing my lunch a few times a week (my bank account thanks me).

I couldn't believe what a difference just a few small supplements could make to how I felt! Plus, I had ongoing access to Paulina's support. I got everything I needed for less than $1 a day, which felt like a total bargain.

Before hundred, I was on my way to burnout. Since I started combining the vitamins with their healthy lifestyle tips, I am not only sleeping better (their Melatonin is a godsend!), but I'm also more active than ever before. Thanks to my one-to-one consultations with my hundred Nutritionist Paulina, my health is back on track!

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