Indulge with Ben & Jerry’s 3 new flavors inspired by your favorite cereals

If ice cream makes you scream with excitement, you better brace yourself. The most popular ice cream duo in the world, Ben & Jerry, have just announced three new ice cream flavors in their "Cereal Splashback" collection.


By combining the rich and indulgent taste of their out-of-this-world ice cream with three favorite childhood cereals, Ben & Jerry's will have both ice cream and cereal fans running to their local Scoop Shop to grab a scoop (or two… or three). Mid-march is the planned release date, and ice cream enthusiasts will be sure to line up for their fill.

The new flavors are Fruit Loot, which is described as cereal milk ice cream with crisp fruity cereal swirls, Frozen Flakes, which is cereal milk ice cream with crisp cereal swirls, and Cocoa Loco which is chocolate cereal milk ice cream with crisp chocolate cereal swirls. As per Huffington Post, "The ice cream company announced Tuesday that its newest flavors are based on three iconic cereal brands." Surely you can guess which three.

Ben & Jerry's flavor guru (best job ever, by the way) Eric Fredette said about this new line of flavors, "So why combine ice cream and cereal? Because the sweet milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl is arguably the best part. We wanted to make people feel like a kid again." Good thinking on the part of the Ben & Jerry's team and spot on with that whole bottom-of-the-cereal-bowl deliciousness.

Will you try one (or all) of these new flavors? Each one sounds scrumptious and it makes eating ice cream for breakfast seem a little more acceptable!

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