Make New Year’s resolutions you’ll actually stick to

When the New Year rolls around, New Year's resolutions are top of mind. We all want to do and be better, but how many of us vow to make changes that never see the light of day? Meaning well doesn't always translate into action. Even if you give up carbs for a week or treat your co-workers with more patience on the first couple of days back from holiday vacation, your plans for "the new you" fall flat faster than your dried-up Christmas tree needles scattered all over the living room floor.

In fact, as per Business Insider, "Approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February, so the odds are against you."


But should we give up on the resolutions and just come to terms with the notion that we'll fall back into our usual routine before the snow melts? Or can we put our minds towards keeping our promises to ourselves and make 2018 the year that we finally go the distance? The latter can be in the cards if we approach change with a new attitude.

Forget lofty goals that aim too high to have a reasonably decent outcome. If you can prioritize what you are really after and take baby steps towards your resolution, you are more likely to do what is necessary to achieve happiness. You can't solve world hunger overnight, but you can start volunteering at the local food bank every other Sunday. You will not lose 30 lbs. (safely, anyhow) by Groundhog's Day, but you can cut out that handful of midday M&Ms you've been sneaking off your co-worker's desk. Yes, she sees you. Are you insistent on having a boyfriend in time for Valentine's Day? How about showering yourself with some love this year instead?

The best resolution you can make is to evaluate your life and make changes where you see room for improvement. And these changes need to be part of your journey, not a race towards the final destination. Brendan Baker, creator of The Start of Happiness has this idea down pat. He notes, "Happiness in life is success in life. I believe happiness is primarily derived from 3 key things: Making a difference, doing what you love, andsurrounding yourself with amazing people." How's that for a launch pad to carefully consider what your New Year's resolutions ought to be?


This Wheel of Life self-assessment tool can aid you in targeting the areas of your life where you are satisfied and where you would like to aim for change in the coming year and beyond. You will be able to set specific and achievable goals with a reasonable and rational timeline to accomplish them. You will not feel the pressure to have that "overnight success" when you do not set yourself up for that kind of outcome. Slow and steady wins the race, so pace yourself for real results.

Perhaps your love life is going great, but you have lost touch with friends. Or maybe your job is paying well, but you are not budgeting wisely. Could you make more time for exercise or eating better? This pie chart allows you to see all facets of your life in one big picture, so you can create a better balance overall. Piece by piece and in time, all areas of the chart will begin to improve and soon the aspects of your life that were "less-than" will start to be as wonderful as the parts that were already thriving. And who doesn't love a great pie!


Make 2018 the best year yet and resolve to stick to your resolutions. Use this pie chart, your common sense, and your drive to be an even better version of you in the coming year. We are all works in progress, so keep on keeping on!

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