My Life Before And After I Discovered Honeylove

Editor's note: After not dressing up for two years, I didn’t feel confident wearing anything other than sweatpants. I tried multiple shapewear brands only to be disappointed by how uncomfortable their products were. Then I found Honeylove.

What My Life Was Like Before Honeylove:

I was thrilled when people started to socialize again, but not so thrilled about pulling off a chic look in party dresses that were in style two or three years ago! Although most of them still fit, living in sweats and yoga pants had taken a toll on my confidence.

When my neighbors invited me to a cocktail party, I figured it would be the perfect occasion for my favorite bodycon knit dress. However, it was lumpy in the front and the fabric rode up in the back. I ended up changing into jeans and a blouse. But then I just didn’t feel like my party-girl self.

Shapewear seemed like a possible solution, so I bought some in my local retail store. Next party I went to, I wore my new high waist cincher underwear. To be honest, they hardly made a difference, plus they kept rolling down all night. So embarrassing!

I then ordered a bit more pricey shapewear from a big name brand, expecting better quality at the very least. But after about an hour of wearing them out and about – they were digging into me in all the wrong places!

My friend recommended I try Honeylove’s Sculptwear collection, but I refused. I’d already attempted shapewear, and as far as I was concerned it was a waste of money. But she insisted Honeylove was different. She said Honeylove is amazingly comfortable, really high-quality, and never rolls down.

It wasn’t until I saw how wonderful she looked on our next girl’s night that I was finally convinced. Not only did Honeylove make her dress look flattering, but she was beaming with confidence.

So I caved and ordered a pair of Honeylove’s SuperPower Brief and the SuperPower Short, and the rest is history.

What My Life Is Like After Discovering Honeylove:

My first impression of the Honeylove site was that they are fantastically size-inclusive. They’re all about being body positive, so their sizes range from an XS to 3X.

Unlike your usual granny Spanx, Honeylove’s Sculptwear is sexy. It has features like mesh, crisscrosses, and a range of gorgeous colors – from Sand to Mocha, to Vamp (black) and Cinnamon.

My order arrived right on time and even though I read tons of rave reviews before buying, I still didn’t really have high expectations. But, boy, was I mistaken. My SuperPower Brief (a sultry Vamp) went on like a glove.

Honeylove’s sculptwear seriously sculpts your body in all the right places. I tried on my best cocktail dress and instantly felt ready to go out! Honeylove is a game changer.

I had an event the following week. I was really impressed by how comfy I was all night long in the Honeylove SuperPower Short. Thanks to the SoftFlex feature – flexible structures hidden in the side seams of the waist that hold the garment up – they stayed in place.

Honestly, I had more fun that night than I had in a long time. I felt like a new woman – all due to Honeylove. It doesn't surprise me that their products go through rigorous testing for 1-2 years. They use real women to ensure their pieces are comfy and truly effective.

These days, Honeylove’s SuperPower Shorts are probably my most worn item. They work well with a jumpsuit or day-to-day under a pair of jeans.

When I ordered the Crossover Bra, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d bought a new one. Turns out, the Crossover Bra is so supportive it’s become my everyday bra.

With not a single let down from Honeylove, I had to invest in their Legging 2.0. If they’re anything like my other pieces, they’ll be the best leggings I’ve ever owned.

On a serious note, these sculptwear items start at only $64 – crazy-good value for such high quality. Big name brands are charging way more and their products don’t measure up!

If you want to feel your best on a day-to-day basis – or simply want to look fine in your favorite dress – I’d highly recommend Honeylove’s Sculptwear. You can thank me later!

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