I Used To Wash My Fruit With Water Until I Tried MyGreenFills

Shopping today has become a military expedition, and I'm on the losing side.

The search for fresh food is driving me cuckoo. If the health food store isn't closed, it's fresh out of what I want. And here's the trade-off: regular produce slathered with herbicides and other chemicals. Plus, who knows how many shoppers have picked them up and handled them with unwashed, coughed-on hands?

On top of homeschooling, house cleaning, cooking, eating healthy, I had to make sure we all get through the pandemic safely. This has proved that now more than ever, we needed our fruits and vegetables, even if they aren't organic...we can simply clean them.

So, I wondered if there was something out there that could clean my produce and make sure it was everything my family needed for our health.. I found an all-natural brand called MyGreenFills. Their natural and earth-friendly cleaners are eco-friendly and free from fragrance, dyes, and a whole bunch of other scary stuff. This was super encouraging to me - I'd found a like-minded friend during these crazy times.

MyGreenFills has something they call the Truly Free Fruit and Veggie Wash. Its contents are purified Water, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Ethyl Alcohol, Organic Glycerin, Natural Mineral (Potassium Hydroxide), Organic Grapefruit Oil – and that's it. This Wash removes toxic residues. Pesticides, herbicides, and other types of debris and fungus that are unsafe for human consumption. Just what I was looking for.

The Truly Free Fruit and Veggie Wash is 99% more effective at rinsing away pesticides, herbicides, wax, and who knows what else from the supermarket than water alone. It's super-concentrated, and efficient refills are mixed with water at home in the cute, reusable bottles that will seriously reduce our family's plastic usage. This is a real hit with the kids who are always challenging us to reduce our packaging footprint. This was the most effective, affordable, and sustainable fruit and vegetable cleansing product I found.

I liked the earth-sensible packaging and primarily plant-based ingredients, but figured it would cost a fortune, right? Wrong. Right now, MyGreenFills is having an incredible sale where you can save up to 62% off their Fruit and Veggie Wash!.

When our order arrived - in fully recyclable packaging! - Sally read the instructions aloud. My son Bart filled the pretty spray bottle with warm water, added the refill, sprayed the fruit-n-veg, and then washed them off in the kitchen sink. My kids are cute and have a lot of fun seeing all of the gunk they can clean off of their veggies… you can actually see it! I never thought my kids would be this excited about fruits and veggies, let alone helping me prepare them.

I was totally cool with it, cause I trust my kids with this product, cause I trust MyGreenFills. And I truly trust the produce I serve my family is as clean as can be.

One less thing to worry about in this crazy world. One less source of stress. I'm thrilled with the safe formulas of MyGreenFills, the high-quality ingredients, the cheaper overall price, and our carbon footprint reduction. Here's to taking steps toward a better future. My kids' future . . . and yours.

Update: The awesome folks at MyGreenFills have a special offer just for our readers! Save Up To 62% Off Fruit & Veggie Wash While Supplies Last!

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