How My Partner And I Are Getting Our Diets Back On Track

A classic love story: We moved in together, and it was really exciting to have someone in the kitchen with me, taking turns exploring new recipes and being treated to surprise dishes. However, somewhere along the way, things changed. I'm not sure if we just got busy with work or just got tired of cooking but long story short, we became takeout pros.

Chinese food, pizza, chicken wings—you name it, we were ordering it. I realized how much weight I was gaining. It wasn't all at once but over time, the pounds were really adding up. My boyfriend is a big guy, so I didn't notice his weight gain either at first. After a few months, it was clear that we needed to make a change.

I tried to motivate us to take walks, eat healthy snacks, and replace soda with water but nothing stuck. We'd be great for a bit and then enable each other to slack, falling back into our unhealthy ways. I got so frustrated that I even tried to go it alone, but he's my partner and it was a lonely process trying to get healthy while he devoured bags of chips. What truly did it for me was when we started to fight over these habits.

Desperate to work things out, I foundNutrisystem®. I was looking for a weight loss program that didn't involve becoming a fitness junkie or scarfing down bland food. With Nutrisystem®, I found a plan that worked for me. More importantly, it worked for us.

Nutrisystem® sends perfectly portioned, easy-to-prep meals straight to your door. They have a large menu that features all of your favorite foods! I loved that I could have a Classic Hamburger and a Chocolate Cupcake while still losing weight. In addition to delicious meals and snacks, they provide you with a simple meal plan to follow. Their plans are designed to include the right mix of nutrients to fuel your body, including plenty of lean protein and fiber.

My earlier attempts to diet always left me feeling hangry. With Nutrisystem®, it's awesome that I get to eat every two to three hours, for a total of six times a day. I was ready to jump into weight loss with Nutrisystem® but I knew it wouldn't be worth it if my boyfriend was still tempting me with all the cheat food. That's when I realized we should do it together. Why not?

We both needed to get on track and at the end of the day, we share a lifestyle. Thankfully, Nutrisystem® had the perfect plan for us: the Partner Plan. It includes an easy-to-follow two-week plan for two people. You and your partner both get to enjoy five Nutrisystem®breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks each week, while also getting to add in Flex meals and fresh grocery items for more flexibility.

I knew this was the right fit for us and went ahead and signed up. However, my boyfriend was a bit skeptical. That is until he ate his first Nutrisystem® meal.

Our meals arrived right at our door and we just popped them into the freezer and pantry. It was super convenient and saved us a ton of time shopping (or waiting for takeout to arrive). I loved the Honey Wheat Bagel and was so happy not to sacrifice carbs. My boyfriend devoured the Turkey Sausage and Egg Muffin. From there, the rest of our week was just delicious meals followed by tasty snacks and we breezed through our plan.

As we got more into Nutrisystem®, we learned about the types of food we should be eating and added in some Flex meals with fresh groceries. While we were each other's main support, it was great having access to the Nutrisystem® weight loss app, NuMi®, to track progress, activity, and discover new recipes. On top of that, we could call or chat with their Weight Loss Counselors whenever we need any expert support.

We've lost weight and are back to cooking on the weekends while still incorporating Nutrisystem® to keep us accountable during the week. I can't imagine losing weight without my partner by my side to inspire me. Watching him succeed in his goals is a win for me, too.

Without Nutrisystem®, we would never have gotten off that unhealthy merry-go-round. Their Partner Plan really was the right choice for us.

Studies show that dieting with a partner can lead to greater weight loss, proving that losing weight truly is better together!

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