The 7 Best(ish) Places to Watch Fireworks on the Fourth of July

Everyone else always watches the fireworks from their picnic blankets on that patch of grass in the park, but you're different. You don't conform to societal standards. You like adventure. You're not afraid to stray from the norm. But it's last minute and you still don't know where you're going to watch the fireworks tonight. Well, put that picnic blanket back in the closet, this list of the Best(ish) Places to Watch Fireworks is all you need:

1. From your couch

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Home is where the wifi is and the pants aren't. There's no better place to watch the fireworks than from the comfort of your own couch. You could even make a blanket fort if you're feeling adventurous. Can't see the fireworks from your house? Livestream them. It's kinda.. almost.. not really the same.

2. From your sand castle on the beach

The beach is a classically romantic place to watch the fireworks and a fun place to spend the whole day beforehand. But because the 4th of July is always so busy, you might want to get to the beach a few days in advance if you want to secure the perfect spot to watch the show. Just make sure your sand castle has indoor plumbing.

3. From Kanye's house

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As far as we know, Kanye seems like a really hospitable guy. I'm sure he would love to watch the fireworks with you. Maybe you can even cuddle.

4. From a stranger's party

The neighbor guy always throws a banger on the 4th, but you never seem to be invited. That's okay, he probably just forgot. Throw on your most festive outfit and head on over. You'll blend right in.

5. From the roof of your old high school

Rooftops are notoriously good firework-watching spots and being at your old school will surely bring about some solid reminiscent storytelling. Nostalgia is a rush… and so is running from the cops for trespassing. It's sure to be a memorable night.

6. From the backseat of your boyfriend's car

Ah, young love. Not only is the backseat of the car much roomier than the front, but it also allows a lot more privacy than a spot on the grass. Pop in your favorite mix tape and settle in for an exciting night.

7. From another country

At least it won't be crowded!

It's gonna be lit.

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