Why Everyone Attending A Wedding Needs To Know About Honeylove Sculptwear

Wedding bells are ringing which can only mean one thing: dresses. Well, two actually because it also means the most basic thing: shapewear.

One needs to look no further this wedding season than Honeylove. They’ve been an absolute staple in our wardrobe for a while now, and now they’re serving as the ultimate plus one for any wedding.

While most are hesitant to jump into shapewear, Honeylove is next level sculptwear - designed to make women feel confident, sexy, and ultimately comfortable. They’ve got shorts, briefs, bras, leggings, and pants in their lineup with tons of rave reviews.

Whether you’re the mother of the bride, bridesmaid, or even the bride herself, Honeylove has something for every attendee.

Here's how Honeylove is making the big day, a great day:

Mother of the Bride

Favorite Feature: So Comfortable

Experience: I got the Honeylove SuperPower Brief for my daughter’s wedding on a friend’s recommendation. Originally I wasn’t interested —I have tons of spanx and other shapewear bits in my drawer that have never really been that effective. Then I saw her in a new dress and realized how great she looked.

I ordered the briefs right away and was impressed with the range of sizes they offer as a larger lady (XS- 3X). When it arrived, I was shocked at how great the quality was. Honeylove was by far the most comfortable Sculptwear I’d ever owned – no more dealing with the dreaded roll-down! Plus, the strong targeted compression helped with my posture too!

I tried it on with my dress and felt more confident than I had in years. Honeylove made my daughter's wedding an even more special day for me! Now I can look back at the pictures and know I was looking and feeling my best all day long.

The Bride

Favorite Feature: Invisible and feels light under my dress

Experience: When I finally found my perfect wedding dress with a gorgeous mermaid silhouette, I was disappointed that I didn’t feel fully confident in it. It took so long to find the one – I simply had to wear it on my special day, so I searched for shapewear to solve my bulging issue.

To be honest, a lot of the shapewear I tried made it worse and created more bulges in all the wrong places. One look and you could tell I had shapewear underneath my dream gown. As a last ditch effort I tried Honeylove’s SuperPower Short after one of my bridesmaids recommended them, and WOW – these shorts really do have super powers.

They hugged my body in all the right places which made the dress flatter my figure, making me look and feel beautiful. My main worry was that it would show up in photos or lighting under my dress, but you couldn’t tell I was wearing them at all!

Plus, I felt comfortable wearing them the whole day. SoftFlex structures in the side seams prevent the garment from rolling down, and BoostBands keep leg fabric from inching up. It really made my wedding extra special being able to feel comfortable in my dream dress. I even decided to invest in the Liftwear Cami in Stonewash Blue for my honeymoon, which is perfect for layering under a blouse or even wearing on its own!

Wedding Guest

Favorite Feature: Range of Items

Experience: I’m at that age where I’m constantly receiving wedding invitations. And what's the most stressful part? Trying to find something to wear every single time! I have six coming up and after two years of living in sweats, it's safe to say I’m a little panicked.

When I discovered Honeylove I was so relieved. First I ordered their SuperPower Short for my go-to jumpsuit. When I tried them on I instantly fell in love with Honeylove. The Shorts were comfortable, sexy, and made my body look amazing – it transformed how this jumpsuit looked and made me feel great!

The next wedding I wore the SuperPower Brief under a bodycon dress. I never thought I could feel so confident in such an outfit over the last two years, but I did thanks to Honeylove. After that I stocked up on their Crossover Bra, and EverReady Pant. The bra is the most comfortable bra ever– support without the underwire! The pants are great for subtly sculpting my problem areas day-to-day. I can’t believe all these wedding invites led me to an everyday essential – Honeylove.

Final Thoughts

After reading these experiences, the message is clear; if you have a wedding coming up and you want to look your best, you need Honeylove! The quality is outstanding – no need to continuously adjust your undergarments since Honeylove won’t budge. Yet it’s never too tight that it's uncomfortable – such a rare combo. Check out Honeylove now, you can thank us later!

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