'The Bachelor', or 25 Shades of White

TrueNews | Saturday, August 6, 2016

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TrueduJour: Glug Glug Glug

That's the sound of Americans drinking. And no, it's not beer. It's water. Bloomberg first reported a trend that more Americans are expected to buy bottled water than soda this year. It could have to do with rising fears of tap water contamination, or just a general desire to be healthier. Now if only we can do something about the harms of plastic...

TrueHealth: 25 Shades of White

That's what's going on for 'The Bachelor.' ABC exec Channing Dungey says she wants to see some more diversity in the cast for upcoming seasons of the show and its spin-offs (especially since she is the first African-American leading a major TV network). We're still waiting for the cast announcements for next season, but fingers crossed we don't get blinded by the white.

TrueCute: Special Delivery For This Pup

Here's something sweet. German Shepherd puppy, meet mailman. Play. Repeat. Check out the adorable video here.

TrueCrime: A Teaspoon of Salt Makes The…

A baby died on Wednesday at a South Carolina hospital after suffering seizures due to salt poisoning. The culprit? Her 23-year-old mother. Kimberly Nicole Martines said she fed her baby a teaspoon of salt in order to "get her husband back into [her] life." If tragedy supposedly brings people together, should we go on engineering our own for that cause?

TrueTip: Don't Worry, Be Happy

A little advice from us here at TrueSelf: We all want to look in the mirror and be happy with what we see. But a number of factors can contribute to our lack of confidence. Self-confidence doesn't depend on the body you were born with, but on your attitude. Jealousy can be a main driver of body image problems. We're in a world that's inundated by images of those skinnier than us. Image proves to be more than surface-deep, because it impacts our behaviors, the people we hang out with, and our goals. Here's how to stay body positive and be comfortable in your skin. Check this out!

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