Why Your Relationship Will Thank You for Getting a Lull Mattress

They say that it's not until you move in with someone that the honeymoon stage begins to wear off. I'm a few months into moving in with my boyfriend, and I can confidently say that we are happier than ever—but, I also am well aware of how sharing space with another person can take its toll. Some issues are solvable (he is messy with toothpaste; I got my own tube), but others needed some work, namely the fact that my boyfriend was keeping me up all night tossing and turning, made worse by the fact that his mattress sagged and the springs made it difficult to fall asleep at night. When our neighbors told us about their amazing new memory foam mattress from Lull, I wondered if it would be just the thing to keep the honeymoon stage going strong.

Browsing Lull's website, I saw there was a lot more to get excited about beyond their movement-absorbing memory foam mattresses. I'd heard a lot about memory foam but wasn't entirely sure of what the benefits were. It turns out, they include pressure relief whether you're a back or a side sleeper (like I am), spine alignment to prevent morning aches and pains, a breathable gel-infused memory foam to control temperature, and the right amount of bounce so you don't feel like you're sinking.. Best of all, 10 inches of flexible, durable foam helps with back support and doesn't sag down the middle! I knew at this point that my boyfriend might be "the one," and I was pretty sure he felt the same, so why not get a mattress that lasts? We decided to take our relationship to the next level and order a new queen.

We'd been putting off getting a new mattress because we were both dreading the old mattress store drill—you know, aggressive salespeople, exorbitant prices, lugging the thing up our third floor walkup. So, we were elated when our mattress arrived, with free shipping!, in a box designed to maintain its structure and that was super easy to open. Seriously, that the two of us could just carry a super light box up the stairs, then let it inflate to it's full size was inside, was so convenient. Have you ever seen the episode of FRIENDS where the gang gets stuck on the stairwell trying to move a mattress? No one has time for that. Plus, we'd have 100 days to decide if the mattress was right for us, which made us feel safe knowing if we ended up wanting to return it, we could just call them and they'd come pick it up, free of charge.

As it turns out, we'd only need one night. Not only did we sleep peacefully through the night, but we woke up feeling more refreshed than we had in months. I was surprised when my boyfriend told me he got up to use the restroom in the middle of the night -- something that would normally wake me up. The mattress absorbed all his motion so his movements didn't affect my sleep. We even got up early before work to make breakfast together, which was a rare treat that I hoped would become more frequent.

A few months later, and life is pretty good. Not only are we getting a better sleep night after night, but I'm definitely way less irritable now that I don't get woken up several times throughout the night (if not by my boyfriend, than my our cat at the foot of the bed), and all for way less money and hassle than a typical store-bought mattress of a similar caliber. Seriously, I crunched some numbers before we bought the Lull and it was like 70% less expensive than the average mattress. Plus, since we're better rested, we have more energy than ever, which means more homemade breakfasts and more time spent together. Even though getting a new mattress was just a small change, it ended up making a pretty big impact. Don't let a bad mattress get in the way of your relationship—stay happy, and sleep happy, with a Lull instead.

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