50 Cent's Dirty Mouth and Other Stories

TrueNews | Monday, June 27, 2016

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TrueduJour: Injured by the Scottish Tsunami

10 people were injured in Scotland yesterday by a tsunami -- not a real tsunami, but an inverted roller coaster called the "Tsunami" that derailed at M&D's theme park in Motherwell. This roller coaster is the only inverted roller coaster in Scotland and reaches speeds up to 65 kilometers per hour. Take a look at one woman's shocking Facebook post here.

TrueEntertainment: 50 Cent's Dirty Mouth

At the St. Kitts Music Festival, not all went as planned when rapper 50 Cent and one of his entourage, Bajar Walter, got detained for using "indecent language." Fortunately, he got away from the trouble by paying a fine.

TrueSky: Get Your Fingers Out of My Face

On a flight from Newark to Los Angeles, one passenger started to act bizarrely. He fiddled around with electronics, laid them on the floor, and also stuck his fingers in other passengers' faces. Much to everyone's relief, the man was escorted off the plane in Denver.

TrueGlobal: Beijing Is Sinking

That's what recent research reveals -- the city is sinking by up to 4 inches per year in some districts, especially those that are central. The city is initiating infrastructure projects to divert the water.

TrueTip: Be A Glowing Goddess. Here's How.

A little advice from us here at TrueSelf: "Matte is taking the backseat this summer as everyone tries to do the dew with this increasingly popular glowy makeup look, and if you're ready for a new routine that enhances your natural beauty while leaving your skin feeling fresh and healthy, the dewy look is your knight in shimmery, shining armor. Follow these 9 tips and tricks and you'll glo-up in no time." Check this out!

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