How I Feel My Absolute Best with Daily Burn

I'm starting off the new year with a new me!

When you get dumped it's easy to imagine that if only you were different, your relationship would still be intact. Like many women, I fell into this pattern after my boyfriend broke up with me, and instead of using that pivotal time to think about myself and what I wanted, I was determined to lose weight, get in enviable shape, and make my ex insanely jealous. To state it simply, I wanted a "revenge bod." It's never easy when a relationship ends, especially around the holiday season. But I was adamant that this festive period would be filled with fun nights out with friends and family, and I wanted to look and feel my absolute best. Of course, most of my friends could relate, so when I asked around I quickly learned that Daily Burn, a fitness app with thousands of live on-demand workouts and training programs taught by expert instructors, was the way to go. The results were even more than I could have hoped for. Daily Burn got me the body I wanted, but the confidence and self-assurance that I needed.

What sets Daily Burn apart is the incredible quality and variety of the workouts, all of which you can do on your own time. I've always stuck to a fairly "clean" diet and do the elliptical machine at my gym a few times a week (ok, a few times a month), but since I could never afford a personal trainer or find the time to go to boutique fitness classes, I had definitely fallen into a monotonous routine that wasn't pushing me to do my best. Plus, I've eaten my weight in pie already, and it's not even Christmas! I knew I needed a more prescribed workout, which is why I immediately loved Daily Burn's training programs. There are so many varieties of workouts, like high intensity interval training, strength training, or boxing which offer detailed video instruction from a highly trained certified fitness guru and structured programs to help you go from beginner to in-shape.

Before deciding on which kinds of workouts I should focus on, I completed a short quiz on my fitness and health goals so that Daily Burn could suggest a personalized plan. I learned that while I had been focusing so much on cardio (I use most of my gym time to go on the elliptical or treadmill), I wasn't doing any strength training to help boost weight loss and tone my muscles—and this was crucial because I definitely wanted abs! There are tons of audio programs, like running or yoga, that I knew I'd eventually want to use, but since I was trying something new, I decided to start with video instruction. I went with a 6-week training and weight-loss program called Power Cardio, which offers video workouts that I could do either at the gym, or right in my living room. The first workout was definitely challenging since I hadn't worked with dumbbells or weights before, but as I continued, I loved how I felt after each workout and how much I was able to progress on a daily basis. To my surprise, I wasn't even thinking about how I'd look to my ex!

Once I finished the program, I did end up losing most of the weight I wanted to, and for the first time in my life, I had well-defined, sculpted arms that I didn't mind showing off—which is exactly what I did when slipped into a beautiful dress to celebrate New Years with my girlfriends. I ended up running into my ex, but I felt so great that I didn't even care! The most amazing change was in my own self-confidence and motivation to be healthy and feel my best. Now, I'm using Daily Burn for me, and I have come a long way. After finishing the 6 week program, I explored the app and regularly use audio workouts to make the most of my treadmill time at the gym, as well as live video workouts for variety and muscle toning. I'm even getting into martial arts training! For $19.95/month, I am getting way more than I bargained for. If you're trying to get over a breakup, or just want to look and feel your absolute best, do yourself a favor and download Daily Burn.

Update: Daily Burn is currently running a special promotion! Follow this link to sign up for a 30-day free trial of Daily Burn.

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