Forgive Me For Wearing Kane's Revive Shoes If I Don’t Run

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I am not an athlete. I don’t run for the sake of my body’s health or even if cops are present. The only thing that could probably make me partake in any form of cardio is if One Direction were down the block from me.

That being said, I have no plans to start running; I get my workout fix in other ways and I bask in it. You will absolutely never see me “hitting the pavement” or whatever other runner-jargon is out there. It wouldn’t be beneficial to anyone around me’s mental health if they had to hear me complain about running all the time.

An interesting transition that will soon make sense, I am also not a fan of Crocs and I think Yeezy’s are a horrible waste of money. Just because Ye says so, doesn’t make it so. I follow trends, but the foam-style shoe with an insane amount of holes is one that has been lost on me.

So, when I received theKane Revive Recovery Shoe, the irony was not lost on me. Here I was - with the love child of running and rubber shoes - literally sitting on my lap. Ha, ha.

Obviously, I am not huge on working out. I do yoga, so I’m normally barefoot, which means I buy sneakers to wear as trendy street shoes, not for performance. Truth be told, I had to look up what a recovery shoe is.

kane recovery shoes

Recovery shoes, by definition, are used post-run to help jumpstart your muscle recovery. Since the most exercise I currently partake in is walking around the city, I figured this wouldn’t affect me too much. But, perhaps, I was wrong.

I was also worried about the look. Let’s be honest: Crocs aren’t the most fashion-forward things on the market, and neither are Yeezy’s, but they still consistently sell out and people are very passionate about them. Kane’s is somehow a blend of the two.

I’ll admit it. I was afraid to wear them out. Shower shoes in a dorm setting? I can get behind that. But, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I met the man of my dreams on the street and he looked down at my shoes…

How am I to match these with any of my cute Hot Girl Walk outfits? Wait…can I even go on a Hot Girl Walk in these?? Unsure of how to pair these with anything, I sat and stared at them in a corner of my room for a few days until I decided to do a little bit more research into my new friends.

Kanes’ shoes are highly regarded as recovery shoes, water shoes, outdoor walking shoes, and more. People rave about both the cushioning on the soles that give them support and the holes that cool down their feet as they move.

After reading their resume and others’ reviews, I decided to pick an outfit and give them a go. But something weird happened as I put them on. I kind of…liked them?

I paired my Revives with my waffle knit joggers and it worked a little too well. I chose the Yellowstone/Lemon Speckle color because I needed a pop of color in my shoe wardrobe as I have one too many white sneakers. They weren’t overly-bulky like Crocs, but made my feet look slender and cute.

And no surprise, but they were incredibly comfortable as I walked a few miles and shopped throughout town. These slip on and off super easily and even on hour 2 of shopping, they didn’t make my feet sweat.

While these aren’t the redemption story for my Yeezy hatred, they do indeed work. I’m not a runner or an athlete by any means. But I am a believer in comfort over style at times, especially when it comes to my aching feet. After jamming my toes in heels all weekend, the Revives felt like a sweet, albeit sinful, relief.

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